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Business Cases/Market Value Proposition (MVP): Developing value propositions and business models that address real market needs with real money behind them.

Market Segmentation/Targeting: Identifying and prioritizing high-fit and high-value segments based on market needs and economics.

Market Growth (New or Existing Markets): Assessing the viability, market potential, and entry strategy for new products or businesses (new business assessments). Driving share for existing solutions through improved market targeting, promotion, and sales/channel strategy.

Product Development: For new product development or line extensions, driving the development process from-the-market-in to address real end-user needs with a solution. Speeding up development cycle and reducing risk through disciplined product development processes.

Sales/Channels of Distribution: Defining the go-to-market approach/segmentation (e.g., geographic, account size, vertical) and creating the system to drive results (CRM, funnel management, reporting, performance-driven compensation, etc.). Improving market coverage (access), increasing channel push, reducing channel conflict, recruiting new channels or partners, designing channel programs, aligning channel compensation with desired behavior, and integrating multiple channels.

Pricing: Developing value-based pricing to optimize profitability (based on elasticity of demand). Creating pricing plans that customers can understand (for complex services). Using pricing to convert a product into a service revenue stream.

Promotion/Advertising/PR: Developing a promotional strategy that communicates the proper message (value proposition) through the optimal media (e.g., trade shows, magazines, direct marketing, Web marketing, print, radio, TV, etc.) to increase market awareness and pull. Conducting public relations campaigns and ongoing PR to generate industry buzz and increase customer awareness.

Branding/Design/Web: Modifying or designing company logo, marketing materials (collateral), and Web site to best reflect market position and strengths. Creating an integrated marketing campaign that is consistent and builds overall brand. Designing a Web site that is easy-to-use and valued by the targeted user. Search engine optimization, submission, and ranking improvement are included in this service.

Business Development: Assist in business development strategy and execution (targeting key clients, prospects, and partners).

Business Cases/Market Value Proposition

Market Segmentation/Targeting
Market Growth
Product Development
Sales/Channels of Distribution
Business Development
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